September is about to come to an end and its high time for e-commerce websites to gear up for Halloween. Gone are the days, when trick or treat meant children knocking for sweet treats. Today, it is a marketing tactic that can bolster sales and garner traction.

Halloween is a widely rejoiced holiday, where projected sales in the United Kingdom accumulated to £310 Million in 2016. The numbers are likely to soar in 2017, where business owners consider it the right opportunity to market their e-commerce businesses. Thereby, many businesses are enhancing their digital strategy and website layout to commemorate the festive season.

For those businesses who are struggling with ideas, here’s how you can prep your website for the spookiest time of the year.

  • Enhance Your Logo With a Halloween Effect

A logo is a great way to engage with customers during Halloween. For instance, Google  goes leaps and bounds to innovate and experiment. Its doodles have become talk of the town. Similarly, by creating something similar you can give your business an edge over competitors.

By updating your logo in a creative manner, you can entice customers and create a hype on digital platforms. Generally, a simple CSS animation that is easy to implement is a good way to gain traction.

  • Use Spooky Fonts

Web developers can change the font of a website to something spooky to add to the Halloween spirit.

It is a smart idea to change the fonts of the heading, but make sure that the changes are not implemented on the text body. The last thing you would want is your clients having difficulty in reading, therefore be strategic with the choices you make.

  • Create Promotions That Commemorate Halloween

Another great way to entice customers is to come up with Halloween promotions. You can offer a discount or free shipping to encourage buyers to shop from you. People are more likely to shop from your site provided they are promised free shipping.

You can also come up with discount cards, innovative background patterns or other customisations to rejoice the Halloween season.

You can design a Halloween campaign, where you can send out email newsletters on a Halloween template. Further, you can also follow the same theme on  social media platforms.

  • Create Targeted Halloween Centric User Generated Content

Coming up with Halloween based user generated content can bolster your marketing campaign. Your blogging can help you improve your rankings on search engines enabling you to reach a broader audience.