Wondering what to have for dinner tonight? Thanks to the new GTP4
technology from Open AI your problem can be solved with a click of a button.
Using just a picture of the contents of your fridge GTP-4 can make a number of
meal suggestions and recipes. GPT-4 can ‘see’ images now, the most noticeable
change to GPT-4 is that it’s multimodal, allowing it to understand more than
one modality of information, meaning it can answer questions based on text
and pictures. Impressively the system built a basic website based on handwritten notes, scary stuff indeed! It has the same number of parameters as the
number of neurons in the human brain, meaning that it will mimic our
cognitive performance much more closely than GPT-3, because this model will
have nearly as many neural connections as the human brain has the
capabilities in terms of problem-solving are endless. There is talk about the
the program being so powerful it will be able to facilitate all kinds of scientific,
cultural and educational endeavors, including developing new drugs to treat