With online shopping fast becoming everyone’s preferred way to shop and as Christmas is just around the corner, now more than ever in order to stay relevant and competitive, it is imperative that your e-commerce website offers a superb user experience.

The way products are photographed, the accompanying text, the route your visitors have to take to find what they are looking for as well as your payment and delivery methods are all crucial in making sure your visitors stay on your website.

Offline Shopping vs Online Shopping

All businesses start off in different ways when it comes to offline and online stores. “Pure-click” also known as”pure-play” stores are retailers who have launched online without previously having a physical store, such as Amazon.com, this is becoming very popular as websites become more affordable than physical outlets.

“Bricks-and-Clicks” are shops which began as ‘bricks and mortar’ and have now branched out online, this is a logical step for businesses who want to broaden their customer base and grow their brand.

The final kind of retailer are ‘click to brick’ which yes you guessed it, are retailers who start online and then as their business grows they open up physical stores, this is common for start-ups who haven’t got the investment yet to open a shop.

Benefits of Online Shopping

Consumers are becoming more and more savvy with their buying and where they spend their money, and online shopping allows them to see reviews and compare prices for the item they wish to buy, which is one of the many reasons why online shopping, with an expected growth of 14.9% in 2016 is where it’s at.

Whether you already have an online presence and simply want to increase sales, or you are a bricks and mortar store looking to move to “brick-and-clicks”, Interweb360 have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing and designing ecommerce websites for all kinds of businesses, from simple 50 product stores to fully bespoke pricing platforms (see PrintedEasy).

Get in touch – a few small changes could improve your sales tremendously.