is a leading debt solutions website, featuring in depth information and articles to help people in financial difficulty. The majority of its business comes from organic search (Google) and had dropped down in the search rankings over the previous year. As a result of this, the traffic to the site had suffered.

We applied two main services in order to address the needs of the page. Firstly, we completely redesigned the site, giving it a clear, concise and informational theme by integrating the use of articles and topics. We used this to also boost the sites SEO, taking advantage of new techniques to achieve a higher ranking. The combination of these features gave users easier access to the information they were looking for, and also gave it a clear distinction within search rankings.

As part of our ongoing service to our client we are currently running surveys for visitors to the site in order to evaluate their user experience. We are also constantly updating our SEO techniques to keep the site one step ahead of its competitors, as it operates within a highly competitive online marketplace.