Artificial Intelligence or AI technology has made quick progress in its capability, it’s now possible to use AI to generate such things as text, images and sound. The use of the technology has also impacted on the task of SEO, something that is notoriously difficult for us humans to get right everytime!

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 or GTP3 is a tool that could potentially help with the task of SEO.  This means that it generates text using algorithms that are pre-trained or in other words, they’ve already been fed all of the data they need to carry out their task. Due to the way in which the technology is developed it can be assumed that it knows all there is to know about SEO in terms of its uses and limitations.

Tests have found that GPT-3 is good at contextually editing text when given the right instructions, thus saving a lot of time.  It was also found that when asking very specific questions the SEO AI was able to respond accurately.  Chat GPT is found to be an effective tool at not only SEO but also producing focused content for their key audiences.

Although the idea of an “all knowing” AI tackling such tasks as SEO, its only as effective as the data it uses to analyse, it cannot be assumed that the AI knows everything which can be restrictive. AI lack any originality or creativity, and cannot work in real time or adapt as needed, however, AI’s are much better at detecting poor quality content or spam. Due to these limitations an AI system will not out perform an experienced SEO expert but in regard to competing with a novice it will do a better job 99% of time.